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New Construction

Although we've built quite a reputation remodelling and creating additions to homes in the Atlanta area, we've been building new construction homes from the ground up for years as well and we especially love the opportunity to help a client from the design phase all the way through to the finished home. Please bring your ideas and budget to us so that we can create a plan, connect you with an architect and maximize your dollars towards meeting your goals! Our clients have been very pleased with the value, quality, and timeline we are able to provide when they have worked with us from the beginning of the project. However...bring us your designs as well! We'll bring your architects' design to life and provide our award winning service all along the way!

A small sampling of our New Construction projects

New Construction
Decatur Heights New Construction
New Construction (in progress)
New Construction
Upper West Midtown New Construction

Upper West Midtown

New Construction
More Residential Construction highlights
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